I’ve been “shoulding” myself too much lately. I should go swim. I should write in my blog. I should finish that project I’ve been working on for the last tow years. The list goes on…and list of unfinished “should’s” is a source of frustration and anxiety.

I’ve come up with a simple tool to shift through all the “shoulds” to get to the things that I’m passionate about or that I really need to do.

I call it the 5 AM gut check.

Am I willing (and able) to get up at 5 AM (without hitting the snooze button) to do this thing – whatever it is? If not, maybe it can wait or maybe I don’t need to do it right now.

I enjoy hiking and I want to exercise my little dog, Twix, so I will wake up at 5 AM to take him hiking before the temperature gets too hot.

I like to swim, but I don’t want get up for early morning swimming so I don’t.

If I’m inspired, I may wake up early (or stay up late) to write in my blog. If I’m not inspired, either I’m simply not in a creative mood or maybe I’m choosing the wrong topic to write about and should reconsider writing…at that moment.

Are you “shoulding” yourself too much? What gets you out of bed early in the morning or keeps you up late at night because you really want to do it?

Life is short.

Live life fully and without regret!


David B. Glover, MSE, MS, CSCS
Founder, School of Tri
Author of Full Time and Sub-Nine: Fitting Iron Distance Training into Everyday Life

…beyond what you knew you could do…

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